Allen Iverson’s Greatest Sneaker Moments….

Publicerat: 08/06/2011 i Uncategorized

Sickness…. As always delivered by Complex Magazine:

”Today marks Allen Iverson’s 36th birthday, and in a few weeks it’ll be 15 years since he joined the league as the 1996 No. 1 pick. Unfortunately his NBA career didn’t end in the fashion a future Hall of Famer deserved but we remember that there was no question “The Answer” was one of the most dominant scorers in the NBA for a decade — and he did it at a generously listed 6 feet, 165 pounds. We take a look at Iverson’s greatest sneaker moments from his days at Bethel High School, his Jordan XIs at Georgetown, and the most famous Reebok signature series throughout his career in the NBA. Click here to check out our gallery”



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